Discover Real issues
facing this generation

Generation At Risk is a four-part documentary resource for youth leaders of all stripes. This groundbreaking series features multiple perspectives that highlight real issues facing this generation: suicide, violence, sexualization, and prescription drug abuse.

Pain killers

In the vulnerable documentary Pain Killers, we seek to answer some of the toughest questions surrounding the epidemic of pain killer addiction in our younger generation. How did these drugs become so prevalent? Who is responsible when handling painkillers? And most importantly, what can be done to prevent addiction?

Youth Under Fire

Youth Under Fire seeks to explore the many ways in which violence has infiltrated North American culture. How is violence learned among today’s youth? Why does it happen in the first place? And how can we teach our younger generations that violence isn’t the option?

Sex messages

The young and modern day audiences have more exposure to media and than any other generation in history. Sex Messages explores the effects of erotic in-your-face media and offers a practical response to its provocative results.

Inside Teen suicide

Inside Teen Suicide features six riveting and personal stories told through raw perspective outlooks at the root causes of teen suicide in our modern world. Amidst the stories of despair and triumph, various avenues of hope are highlighted, the ultimate being the hope available through a personal relationship with God.

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