International film distributor also specializing in bringing faith-based theatrical releases to Canada.
Tricord Productions offers high quality, media production facilities, and services to USA and international clients.


Product Development

DVDs and Blu-rays / Merchandise / Programs / Other

Content Creation

Videoes / Websites /
Social Media / Posters 

Creative Marketing

Social Media Participation / Research / Data Analytics / Multi-Channel Experiences

World Wide Distribution

Broadcast Licensing / Digital Licensing / Partnerships

Product Longevity

Seasonal Shows / Physical Copies / Digital Streams 

Tricord Media’s team is comprised of experienced multi-media leaders alongside fresh-young content creators and media mavens. Whether it is a multi-platform distribution plan, P&A campaign, church outreach initiative, or theatrical release we have the tools and are ready to serve.

Tricord Media is involved in distribution, production, and promotion of various films. We continue to expand our unique catalogue to bring you stories that inspire.