Young Once

YOUNG ONCE is an eight-part television series that follows the unconventional social lives of students attending California’s most conservative university. Known for its strict moral code of no alcohol, no sex, and no dancing, Biola is an offbeat college environment that fosters a unique narrative. Instead of featuring the typical drunk, rowdy frat life that can leave audiences feeling unrepresented, irritated and quite frankly bored of the same old clichés, our cameras followed an eclectic group of students who find adventure, build relationships and encounter drama in the most atypical of ways.

From the emotionally genuine thrills of blind dates and virgin romance to the unsettling fear of deportation and what lies in the tunnels beneath campus, viewers will be highly entertained by this new breed of college students whose debut in media is long overdue.

Drama & Reality
1080p HD
5.1 Audio
8x23 Min