Journey to Christmas

Follow the journey of five diverse people as they experience the Holy Land for the first time. Their goal? To see if there is more to Christmas than what we typically experience in North America. See the Christmas story unfold through the experiences of each journey participant as they search for answers about the true meaning of Christmas. Guided by a local Biblical scholar, this group will visit the ancient Nativity sites, experience what 1st century Jewish life was like, and trace the historical path of Mary and Joseph.

The group includes:
Rory – an International relations analyst with Agnostic beliefs. He’s on the journey trying to gain a better understanding of his Jewish and Christian heritage;
Nazreth – a Visual artist looking for inspiration and a deeper appreciation of her Eritrean Coptic roots;
Kim – a First Nations youth worker interested in Jesus and his tribal nature;
Drew – A Radio talk show host, in the midst of a crisis of faith. He wants an encounter with God for Christmas;
and Dusty – a Singer who views the journey as a way to truly experience the birth of Christ in the actual setting of the story.

Also featuring a group of scholars with expertise in all aspects of the Nativity account:
Rev. Nizar Shaheen – Middle East Biblical scholar and guide;
Dr. Hugh Ross – Astrophysicist;
Dr. Paul Maier – Professor of Ancient History, Western Michigan University;
Dr. Craig Evans – Prof. of New Testament, Acadia Divinity College;
Professor Claire Pfann – Prof. of New Testament, University of the Holy Land;
Dr. Stephen Pfann – Dead Sea Scrolls Scholar / Pres. University of the Holy Land;
Professor Russell H. Seibert – Professor of Ancient History, Western Michigan University.

Authentic and emotive, you will be challenged by the thought-provoking discussions in this four part documentary series.

Drama & Reality
1080p HD
5.1 Audio
4x45 Min