The Big Q – Life Love & the Rules

A documentary exploring the lifestyle and aspirations of students at one of America’s most conservative universities.

The BIG Question for university students at Biola University, one of North America’s most conservative universities, centers around LIFE, LOVE, and the RULES on campus. Take a fascinating journey with this unique look at university campus life and meet some of the students and this unique institution.

The Big Q documentary focuses on students from across North America and as far as Australia attending Biola University. The producer interviewed and followed students on and off campus, gaining insight into their personal hopes and dreams and the unique Christian culture, lifestyles and values that make them so fascinating.

A number of the students in the documentary were later featured involved in a docu-reality series called Young Once, which further explored the life, love and rules of university life. The series enjoyed 2 Seasons on Canadian television and a significant YouTube audience. CLICK HERE to learn more about the students of The Big Q – Life, Love and the Rules

The Producer

Chelsea Road Productions Inc. is a Canadian production company noted for its quality documentary and children’s productions. Documentaries have included The Sky Is Not the Limit – The Chris Hadfield Story, The Goal of the Century – The Paul Henderson Story, Made in Canada – Amazing Canadians – Measha Brueggergosman, Cindy Klassman, Dr. Jean Chamberlain and more!

The Big Q – Life Love and the Rules
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