The Bible And You

It’s been revered by billions of people throughout the ages. It’s inspired people to pursue justice, mercy, and love, while simultaneously being used to justify discrimination, slavery, and wars. It’s the most debated, most controversial, and most treasured piece of literature – ever. It’s the Bible.

This documentary will examine the Bible’s influence, origins, reliability and relevance in today’s society. Featuring renowned experts on the world’s best-selling book of all time, this compelling documentary delves into questions surrounding the origins of the biblical manuscripts: What was the process of how the Bible came to be? How have the scriptures been interpreted throughout history? And what is the Bible’s main message?

The Bible and You also sheds light on some of the Bible’s harshest criticisms to see if or how they hold any weight. Through examining sexism, violence, and truth in the Bible, this documentary will reveal the many ways in which this book has been interpreted, and if people will still care to interpret it in the future.

Documentary & Real Life
1080p HD
5.1 Audio
48 Min