Sex Messages

Sex sells! This simple idea propels billions of dollars in advertising and media content revenue every year and is a driving force in shaping youth culture today. From New York to L.A., Toronto to Boston, teen and expert voices define the astounding impact media sex messages have had on their lives and communities.

In this hour long documentary the producer looks at why companies are promoting sex to sell products to younger and younger children, how pornography is changing behavior on campuses across the continent, and why there is a new movement among youth to rebel against the sex messages they have been sold. Experts include Dr. Caroline Heldman (Professor of Politics – Occidental College), Dr. Sharon Lamb (Professor of Psychology – University of Massachusetts), and Dean Batali (Writer – That 70s Show), who dig deep into the issue and explore this unique social phenomenon.

Documentary & Real Life
1080p HD
5.1 Audio
45 Min