Goal of The Century

“We as a country can be so divided — by politics, by language, even by geography… But with Team Canada ’72 there was none of that. Suddenly we were all Canadians. We were Team Canada and all of Canada was united behind us.” – Paul Henderson

September 28, 2012 marked the 40th anniversary of arguably the greatest sporting moment in Canadian history. Most Canadians over the age of 50 remember exactly where they were when Paul Henderson scored the series clinching goal over the Soviet Union in 1972. It was the politically charged era of the cold war. And the ‘Summit Series’ as it was dubbed, was more than just a friendly 8 game exhibition series. It became a symbolic battle between two very different ideologies. . .
Communism vs. Democracy. In fact, many players felt as though the games were like fighting a war.

This documentary will not only focus on the impact of that memorable series on Canadians, but delve deeply into the life of Canadian hockey hero and legend — Paul Henderson. From his unique birth on a sleigh on Lake Huron, to his rising stardom in the NHL and for Team Canada… to his family life, and his spiritual journey… to his life speaking and mentoring business leaders after his hockey career… and now, Paul’s greatest challenge yet — his battle with cancer.

Helping to tell this story will be former players and friends such as Ron Ellis, Syl Apps Jr., Don Cherry, Mark Cullen, Journalist – Roy McGregor, and former Olympic skater – Barb Underhill. We’ll also hear from fans who made the trip to Moscow back in ’72, and fans who are lining up to see Henderson’s ’72 Jersey travel across Canada.

This compelling documentary will attract viewers through a stunning combination of visuals — shot in Ultra High Definition 4K, using the revolutionary RED camera — a mixture of archival footage from the ’72 series, stylistic dramatic recreations, and an uplifting musical score.
Don’t miss the inspiring story from the man who scored, The Goal of The Century!

Documentary & Real Life
1080p HD
5.1 Audio
45 Min