Burning Questions

Burning Questions is a documentary series that explores a wide range of “life’s big questions.” Our host, Dr. Andy Bannister of Ravi Zachariah International Ministries, leads us on an intriguing journey of discovery through a diverse variety of different world views and Christian perspectives.

Although Dr. Bannister is a Christian Apologist, Burning Questions takes a balanced and unassuming approach in its exploration for truth. Each worldview is given a voice through interviews with leading Atheists, and renowned Christian philosophers, along with representatives of the most popular world religions and faith traditions including Islam, Hinduism,
Buddhism and Unitarian Universalism.

Insights from these best-selling authors, global debaters, and leaders in their fields, present compelling evidence, and arguments, but in the end, ultimately it is left to the viewer, to follow the evidence where it leads and come to their own conclusions.

Documentary & Real Life
6x45 Min