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“In Search of Canada” highlights the vibrant history of a nation, while uncovering the deep Christian roots from which its values and symbols have sprung. Our story spans the long arc of Canada’s development from pre-colonization to the present. Historians ground us in the facts and comment on the significant moments that form the ‘signposts’ on Canada’s journey. The richness of this documentary lies in the stories of the characters whose courage, vision and faith shaped our country along the way. Shot on HD utilizing the RED camera, the rugged and pristine beauty of the land from coast to coast infuses this film with stunning and memorable images that are a perfect match to the sweeping narrative of Canada’s history. Who was here first? In this first segment, we will explore pre-colonization, the aboriginal peoples who made their home in Canada and the early exploration and colonization by French and English up to the mid 1700’s. The very name of this country was the French interpretation of “Kanata” – the Huron-Iroquois word for “village”. Where do we come from? If Canada was thoroughly French in 1760 – how did it become demonstrably English over the next century? From the very beginning, the formation of what would become the nation of Canada involved negotiation and compromise between the French, English and First Nations Peoples. What is unique about Canada? At Confederation, our Founding Fathers agreed to call the nation the “Dominion of Canada” based on Psalm 72:8. From this verse we also draw our nation’s motto “A Mari usque ad Mare” – from sea to sea. Good government and the heritage of free education sprung from an awakening of faith that encompassed all aspects of society. What rights do Canadians hold? We are the envy of the world because of the freedoms in this land – freedom of speech, freedom of worship, freedom of healthcare and education, etc. The roots of our human freedoms grew out of an understanding of freedom and equality granted by God. Heroes such as Josiah Henson, an escaped slave who became a conductor in the Underground Railway, and Nelly McClung, who was a dynamic force who pressed to give women the vote, will be featured. Who are our heroes? In this segment, we will highlight the unique role played by a Baptist Minister, Tommy Douglas, who was instrumental in making healthcare and old age security freely available to all the citizens of this country. Where are we going? Will our values, our achievements, our faith-rooted distinctives survive? Our rich diversity is a result of being a country of immigrants and First Nations Peoples struggling to succeed on this vast Northern landscape. Our multiculturalism is a unique experiment unprecedented in the world.

  • Video Specs: 1080p HD
  • Audio Specs: 5.1 Audio
  • Length: 1 hr

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