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Canada has a diverse and rich heritage as a destination country, now home to over 6 million new Canadians. Known arguably as one of the most multicultural countries in the world, Toronto, Vancouver and Montreal have been the hub for newcomers for many years. Even our first Prime Minister, Sir John A. Macdonald was an immigrant! Immigration now accounts for about two thirds of Canada’s population increase. And in 2010 alone, almost 300,000 people entered this country, designated as Permanent Residents. The approach for “Welcome To Canada” would be to see what reality is like for many newcomers. With the news from the recent 2011 Census that shows Alberta now tops the country in population growth, we will take the viewer to Calgary where 24% of the population is foreign born and projections show that this will only continue to rise. We will follow the journey of a family’s arrival to Canada, documenting the challenges newcomers face, such as getting use to the climate; the food; and the culture. We will also follow a family that has been in the country a little longer to see first hand some of their struggles with finding work; schooling; even staying in the country. There will also be stories of notable Canadians who came to Canada as immigrants, one of which is newly appointed Senator Don Meredith. Born in Jamaica, Don has achieved great success in his adopted home of Canada. The story of the Canadian Church will play a pivotal role in this 1 hour special. For years many denominations have made it their mission to welcome newcomers to this country by sponsoring refugees; ESL classes; even helping newcomers find furniture, homes and giving them a sense of belonging. With shots of people arriving to Canada by plane and automobile “Welcome To Canada” will attract viewers through a stunning combination of visuals — shot in Ultra High Definition 4K, using the RED camera and with the use of archival footage of pivotal moments in Canada’s immigration. Capturing ethnically diverse neighbourhoods in Canada, ie. Chinatown; Little Italy; Greek Town; Citizenship ceremonies; border shots (Fort Erie Border Crossing); use of maps and historical context, as well as a moving musical score, this 1 hour documentary plans to be a celebration of what Canada has become: an adopted home to many.

  • Video Specs: 1080p HD
  • Audio Specs: 5.1 Audio
  • Length: 1 hr

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