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The Passion Play is an exciting three-part documentary mini-series that explores the history and the making of one of the world’s largest Passion Plays – The Canadian Badlands Passion Play, performed in the breathtaking beauty of Drumheller, Alberta. In 1640, the plague-ridden German village of Oberammergau staged a Passion Play, vowing to God that they would perform this play every ten years if spared from the ravages of the “black death”. Miraculously saved, they have continued to keep that promise for over 370 years. Now, this tradition of telling the story of the life of Jesus Christ has spread around the world. With a volunteer army of 500 and a cast of 200, viewers will witness behind-the-scenes moments as those involved prepare for an audience of 15,000 visitors from across the globe. The Passion Play features epic cinematography, showcasing the natural beauty of the Canadian Badlands in HD, and a world-class original musical score. History comes alive as viewers explore one of the world’s great spiritual and artistic traditions.

  • Video Specs: 1080p HD
  • Audio Specs: 5.1 Audio
  • Length: 3 x 30:00; 1 x 90:00

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